Updated Januaryr 2010

Injuries to Touring Performers Are Not Unlike Professional Athletes'


Recent injuries to performers reminds us of how similar injuries are between our performer clients and our athlete clients. Musicians, athletes, and other performing artists are exposed to tremendous amounts of stress on their bodies. The demands of excellence, precision, and endurance can be costly, often leading to seriously debilitating injuries.

Artists are beginning to realize what athletes have known for years; the better shape your body is in, the higher tolerance it has against injury. Today’s artists are much better informed than artists in the past to the importance of training, nutrition, physical therapy, warm-up, and warm-down routines. We can only guess as to how many careers were cut short or altered in the past by the lack of effective training and treatment to injuries.

Here’s advice we give to our touring artist clients to help avoid injury:

  • Consult a nutritionalist.
  • See your physician.
  • Get in shape. Before the start of a strenuous tour, do what the athletes do, hold a training camp for the performers and supporting musicians, dancers, etc.
  • Always stretch before performances.
  • Arrange tour schedule to allow for adequate rest periods.
  • If economically feasible, have on tour, as part of the crew, a trainer or physical therapist.