Last Updated October 2010

Halloween Waivers



We sure hope they are kidding with this one. A group called the Center for Consumer Freedom has come up with a Halloween Trick-Or-Treat Liability and Indemnification Agreement. The Center for Consumer Freedom is a nonprofit group supported mainly by restaurants and food companies, "working together to promote personal responsibility and protect consumer choices".

"It’s scary how the United States is becoming a 'litigation nation,'" said Dan Mindus, senior analyst at the Center for Consumer Freedom. "Trial lawyers are lining up to sue restaurants and food companies on behalf of overweight clients. But Halloween should remain guilt and litigation free. Insisting that Trick-or-Treaters sign a waiver before munching down could be the silver bullet against legal werewolves prowling for frivolous obesity lawsuits.”

By signing it, Trick-or-Treaters agree not to sue you on the basis of:

  • Failure to warn of potential for overeating because candy tastes too good and is provided at no cost;
  • Failure to provide nutritional information or adequate educational information or exercise options;
  • Failure to state that candy corn is not really corn;
  • Failure to warn the lactose intolerant about milk duds;
  • Failure to offer "healthier options," "organic choices," or "lame treats no kid wants"; and
  • Failure to provide information about other venues offering alternative, "healthier" Halloween goodies.

Here is the waiver. We can imagine a pretty long line at your front door come October 31st as kiddies struggle to sign your waiver while peering through their ghoulish masks.