Terrorism, facility fire, hurricane, power outage, loss of equipment, airline delays, illness to an artist. Could your event withstand one of these major impacts? Probably not. Event Cancellation insurance would step in and provide you with the same revenue as you would have had if your event had occurred.

Coverage can be arranged on an individual event basis, a tour, or on an annual basis. You have the option of insuring only your expenses or your gross income potential.

Planning a wedding? Look at our Wedding Insurance Package program which includes both Postponement/Cancellation coverage as well as liability protection in one policy.

Here are some examples:


Client Strategy

National Concert Tour

The terrorist act of 9/11 resulted in the cancellation of 1,000's of events including national touring groups. The tour postponed 4 concerts, but was able to make them up one month later. The extra costs associated with the delay and rerouting the tour was paid for through their event cancellation & non-appearance insurance.
Physicians Group Annual Convention A major source of revenue, sometimes generating more income to the organization than membership dues, conventions and trade shows are very important to the sponsoring group. Buying event cancellation insurance based on 100% of their gross profit potential guarantees them continued year-round operations in the event of an interruption or cancellation of their event.
Film Production Company Filming outdoor scenes in the northeastern U. S. in late April is chancy. Spring ice & snow storms can bring the production to a halt. By insuring the entire budget with event cancellation & nonappearance insurance, the production company was able to insure bad weather, cast (nonappearance) and terrorism under 1 policy.
Major Golf Tournament Faced with paying appearance fees to certain high profile players, the tournament wants to make certain, in the event of cancellation, they are reimbursed their fees. Concerned only in insuring their out of pocket expenses, they elect to buy a policy based on expenses only, not gross receipts; thereby significantly reducing the premium charged for the policy.


Notable Exclusions:

  • War
  • Nuclear Hazard
  • Lack of Ticket Sales or Financial Support
  • Governmental Action

How to Apply:

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  2. Normally within 2 business days, we will email or fax you a written quotation.
  3. Remit payment and your Certificate of Insurance will be delivered via email or fax.
Last Updated: March 31, 2009