You have spent months planning your event, which only lasts several hours, or several days at at the most. Don't let the one uncertain thing, weather, ruin your income potential.

Rain, snow, lightning, wind, temperature, fog, and even sunshine are all examples of what you can insure with Weather Insurance. Suitable for both outdoor and indoor events, you should consider this policy anytime weather could affect your bottom line. And, because you don't have to prove the amount of your loss, you can insure as little or as much of your potential income as you wish.

Not sure how much rain might affect your event? See our rain guidelines in our Question and Answer section for help. Also, check out how weather is measured and tips for determining what hours to insure.

Here are some examples:

Client Strategy

Outdoor Concert Promoter

Even though the concert was advertised as a "rain or shine" event, the client was concerned with the loss of day-of walk up revenue, concessions and merchandise sales. They purchased a policy based on the loss of this income stream in the event of bad weather.
Jewelry Store Sales Promotion To kick off the Christmas shopping season, the client advertised a refund for every purchase made between Thanksgiving and Christmas if it snowed at least 1 inch on New Years Day. Their sales doubled from the same period the year before and all it cost them was the premium for the weather policy they purchased to cover such a contingency.
National Outdoor Clothing Store Chain Quarterly Catalog Weather insurance is part of the budget for their quarterly catalog multi-day outdoor photo shoot. Depending on the season, different weather conditions are insured. For example, in their winter catalog shoot, fog and cold temperatures are acceptable. But they insure that fog and cold do not occur for the spring and summer shoots.
Large Condominium Complex Snow Removal Cost Containment Strategy The condo association has a set budget for the removal of winter snow. After a bad winter, they must go back to their members and assess extra fees to cover the additional snow removal costs - not a fun process. Now, instead, they purchase weather insurance that reimburses them for snowfall above an expected amount.


How to Apply:

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Last Updated: March 29, 2009